Statement from GSO President

February 4, 2022
Statement from GSO Pres. Arcadia Ewell

GSO President’s Statement Regarding Sick Leave Policy for PhD Students

I am thrilled to see BU’s commitment to its PhD students through the creation of a new PhD student sick leave policy.

Graduate students have consistently expressed concerns regarding university policies related to COVID-19, including how to navigate a positive test and the need to quarantine. While there were policies in place regarding employee sick leave or leaves of absence, until this morning an equitable policy was not formally in effect for graduate student workers.

The ability to recover away from campus but also meet program responsibilities is essential for PhD students, particularly during the COVID-19 era. This initiative, along with related policies like guaranteed vacation days and parental leave, shows an improvement in the university’s dedication to graduate student well-being, which I applaud.

I sincerely thank Associate Provost Daniel Kleinman, University Provost Jean Morrison, and the PhD Student Sick Leave Policy Taskforce for making this important step a reality and look forward to continuing efforts to support graduate students at Boston University.

Arcadia Ewell
2022 GSO President