Becoming a Representative

Becoming a Department Representative

Department representatives are a vital part of the GSO. They help by distributing information to graduate students about current GSO events and issues, as well as bringing feedback from their department to our monthly meetings. If your department is under represented, we’d love to have you as a part of the GSO! To inquire about serving as a department representative email:

To find your department representative visit our Department Representatives page.

About the Representative Structure

Anyone is welcome to attend GSO meetings, but the number in parenthesis indicates how many voting representatives a department is allowed. Each Masters or Ph.D. program or department in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is entitled to choose representative(s) to the GSO body. Each representative must be a current graduate student in the program or department they represent. There shall be no more than three representatives per department or program. The number of representatives accorded to any department or program shall be dependent upon its total number of graduate students registered within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; programs with up to 50 students are entitled to elect one representative; 51-100, two representatives; more than 100 students, three representatives.

African American Studies: (1)

American & New England Studies: (1)

Anthropology and Archaeology: (2)

Astronomy: (1)

Bioinformatics (EGS): (2)

Biology: (2)

Biostatistics: (2)

Chemistry: (3)

Classical Studies: (1)

Computer Science: (3)

Creative Writing: (1)

Earth & Environment: (2)

Economics: (3)

Editorial Studies: (1)

English: (1)

History: (1)

History of Art and Architecture: (2)

International Relations: (2)

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics: (1)

Mathematics and Statistics: (3)

Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry: (1)

Musicology: (1)

Philosophy: (1)

Physics: (2)

Playwriting: (1)

Political Science: (1)

Psychology: (3)

Religious and Theological Studies: (1)

Romance Studies: (1)

Sociology:  (1)

Sociology & Social Work: (1)