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Collaboration Requests

The Graduate Student Organization strives to ensure Boston University continues to be a safe and enriching environment for carrying out graduate education.  If there is a problem and you think we can help, please fill out this form.

Co-Sponsored Events

Please read through the application form before emailing the GSO with any questions. The application form can be downloaded here and an example of a good application can be downloaded here.

The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is currently soliciting funding applications for co-sponsored events. To be eligible for co-sponsored event funding, an event must be:

  • Hosted or organized by graduate students at Boston University with GSO representation.
  • Of interest to the general CAS graduate student community.
  • Open to the entire CAS graduate student community.
  • Occurring the semester funding is asked for.

The GSO encourages events that facilitate interdepartmental communication in social and academic settings. A competitive application will include the following characteristics:

  • A clear, detailed, and descriptive budget.
  • Content of broad or interdisciplinary interest.
  • Funding from multiple sources.
  • Estimated attendance.
  • A detailed explanation of what exactly GSO funding would be used for.

Recurring events and conferences should include recent budgets and attendance information. We strongly recommend including any supplementary materials (e.g., flyers, keynote speaker information, etc.) that support your application and help the GSO board members know more about your event.

The GSO does not generally provide more than 40% of an event’s funding or amounts in excess of $1000. Additionally, the GSO prefers not to fund honoraria. All funding is provided in the form of reimbursements, and requires the submission of the original receipts no later than one month after the event.

Please visit our page for an Archive of Past Co-Sponsored Events.