Yating Li

Former Global China Research Fellow

Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Economics, Duke University

Yating Li is a Former Global China Research Fellow with the Boston University Global Development Policy Center and a fifth-year PhD candidate in environmental economics at Duke University, and an Energy PhD Fellow at the Duke University Energy Initiative. In spring 2018, she founded the Riding the Belt and Road Network to support collaboration among faculties and students on issues related to the Belt and Road Initiative by China. In her final chapter of dissertation, she is examining the environmental impact of Chinese overseas coal-fired power plants, using data from the GDP Center’s China’s Global Energy Finance database. Her previous work mainly examines household electricity consumption in China using micro-level data sets, including the response to income growth, inequality, air pollution and climate change. She is very interested in energy access issues in Africa. She co-led the Global Energy Access Network (GLEAN) from 2017 to 2018, promoting the liaison between academics and industry thought leaders on energy access issues.

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