Patricia Cortes

Associate Director, Human Capital Initiative

PhD in Economics, MIT
Master’s, Economics, La Universidad de los Andes
Bachelor’s, Economics, La Universidad de los Andes

Patricia Cortes is an Associate Director for the Human Capital Initiative, a Core Faculty Member and a member of the Faculty Steering Committee at the Boston University Global Development Policy Center and an Associate Professor of Markets, Public Policy and Law at the Boston University Questrom School of Business. She is an empirical labor economist working on international migration and gender. In her work, she has studied how low-skilled immigration affects prices and the labor supply of high skilled women in the US, female migration flows in East Asia, the migration of Filipino nurses to the US and the role of the demand for time flexibility in explaining gender pay gaps and occupation segregation. Her ongoing projects include a study on the barriers to female labor force participation in Saudi Arabia and an investigation of gender differences in negotiation and job search using experimental methods. Cortes obtained her PhD in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute for Technology and a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Economics from La Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia.

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