Irena Vodenska

Affiliate Faculty Member, Boston University Global Development Policy Center
Professor of Finance, Director, Finance Programs, Metropolitan College, Boston University

Ph.D., Econophysics (Statistical Finance), Boston University
MBA, Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University
BS, Computer Information Systems, University of Belgrade

Irena Vodenska is an Affiliate Faculty Member of the Boston University Global Development Policy Center and a Professor of Finance and Director of Finance Programs at Boston University’s Metropolitan College. Her research focuses on network theory and complexity science in macroeconomics. She conducts a theoretical and applied interdisciplinary research using quantitative approaches for modeling interdependencies of financial networks, banking system dynamics, and global financial crises. More specifically, Vodenska’s research focuses on modeling of early warning indicators and systemic risk propagation throughout interconnected financial and economic networks. She also studies the effects of news announcement on financial markets, corporations, financial institutions, and related global economic systems. She uses neural networks and deep learning methodologies for natural language processing to text mine important factors affecting corporate performance and global economic trends. Prof. Vodenska teaches Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, International Finance and Trade, Financial Regulation and Ethics, and Derivatives Securities and Markets at Boston University.

Vodenska holds a Ph.D. in Econophysics (Statistical Finance) from Boston University, MBA from Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University and BS in Computer Information Systems from the University of Belgrade. She is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder. As a principal investigator (PI) for Boston University, she has won interdisciplinary research grants awarded by the European Commission (EU), Network Science Division of the US Army Research Office, and the National Science Foundation (US).

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