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Expanding Renewable Energy for Access and Development: The Role of Development Finance Institutions in Southern Africa

In a new report, Boston University's Global Development Policy Center explores the role of renewable energy financing in Southern Africa, Read more

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Chinese Overseas Development Financing of Electric Power Generation: A Comparative Analysis

Global power generation must rapidly decarbonize by mid-century to meet the goal of stabilizing global warming below two degrees Celsius. Read more

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Webinar Launch – China, Debt, Climate and Nature: Opportunities for Financial Stability

January 20th, 2021in Front Page

Can China implement debt-for-nature and debt-for-climate swaps to protect the environment and reduce global debt? Join Boston University’s Global Development Read more

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Book Launch: Development Banks and Sustainability in the Andean Amazon

In the new book "Development Banks and Sustainability in the Andean Amazon," authors Rebecca Ray, Kevin P. Gallagher, and Cynthia A. Read more

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Innovations in Development Finance and Conditioning Factors: BNDES and the Fostering of Sustainability-Related Industries in Brazil

In a new working paper, GDP Center Postdoctoral Researcher Luma Ramos along with João Carlos Ferraz, Associate Professor, Institute of Read more

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TRIPping Up: Why Global Access to the COVID-19 Vaccine Lies with the WTO

December 22nd, 2020in Blog, Front Page

By Katie Gallogly-Swan  On Friday, December 11, the Global Development Policy (GDP) Center co-hosted a webinar with the South Centre Read more

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