Coping with Mass Shootings and Identity-Based Violence

Please see the resources below for ways to support coping for yourself and others.

Managing Your Distress in the Aftermath of Racial Trauma and Stress

Coping with Stress Following a Mass Shooting

Coping in the Aftermath of a Shooting

For Parents

“What Happened to MY World?” Helping Children Cope

Another Shooting – An Important Moment to Comfort and Talk with Our Kids

Parent Guidelines for Helping Youth after the Recent Shooting

Tips for How to Help Your Children Cope in the Wake of Yet Another School Shooting (BU Today)

For Managers and Leaders

Leadership Communication: Anticipating and Responding to Stressful Events

Grief Leadership: Leadership in the Wake of Tragedy

Boston University Identity-Based Communities 

LGBTQIA+ Center for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff Community Networks – Allies & Advocates, Faculty & Staff of Color, LGBTQIA+ Faculty & Staff, and Staff and Faculty Extend Boston University Disability Support (SAFEBUDS)