Faculty & Staff Community Networks

The aim of the Faculty & Staff Community Networks (FSCNs), or employee resource groups (see list below) is to foster and promote a healthy and supportive culture for individuals engaged with issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and full participation within the BU community. The overarching mission: to catalyze a deeper sense of unity among individuals from underrepresented communities and their allies and to ensure that the University remains an institution where differences are understood to be a source of mutual power, insight, and effectiveness.

Research Networks

Research, scholarship, and creative endeavor is the core of who we are as learners and teachers. So, in addition to bolstering a general sense of community through our FSCNs, we’re also organizing ourselves around intentionally designed groups of people who share content expertise and pedagogical interests. Launched in spring 2020, BU’s research networks help us more fully engage with each other around the collective intellectual endeavor on campus—the questions we ask, how we teach, and who we are as we do those things.

As with so much at BU, these groups represent tremendous opportunity—both within our BU community as well as Greater Boston because, as we all know, the questions we ask don’t stop at our borders. Rather, they expand in important, necessary ways—just as we envision these communities doing.

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