Instruments and services

BD LSRII SORP BD LSR II User’s Guide (by BD)
“Getting Started with BD FACSDiva Software” (by BD)
“FACSDiva Reference Manual” (by BD)
BD LSRII SORP data export/import tutorial (FCCF)
Biolegend Legendplex setup for the BD LSRII and BD FACSCanto

BD LSRII SORP configuration (FCCF)
LSRII Fluorophore laser/filter/PMT table

Cytek Aurora 5L Enabling and Optimizing High Quality Spectral Cytometry Analysis (BU Blackboard login required)
Cytek Aurora User’s Guide
SpectraFlo Video Tutorials
Cytek Biosciences resources page
BD FACSCalibur BD FACSCalibur Guide (by BD)
CELLQuest Pro User’s Guide (BD)
CELLQuest Pro Acquisition Tutorial (BD)
CELLQuest Pro Data Analysis Tutorial (BD)
Sorting Practical Cell Sorting – A Guide for Investigators (UNC School of Medicine)
Which data files should an investigator request after the sort? (FCCF)

Ordering supplies

FCCF list of recommended tubes and reagents
BD Biosciences Antibodies, buffers and other flow cytometry reagents. BU users can order BD products through Fisher catalog to receive 10% discount and free shipping (don’t expect overnight shipping).
Biolegend Antibodies, buffers and other flow cytometry reagents. BU/BMC users are eligible for up to 25-35% discount, please email us for the quote code.
Thermo Fisher (now owns Life Technologies/Invitrogen/Molecular Probes/eBioscience) Fluorescent dyes, antibodies and other flow cytometry reagents. BU/BMC users should order products through Terrier Marketplace/Life Technologies catalog (NOT Fisher Scientific) to receive a discount (varies, 10-30%).
Beckman Coulter Antibodies

Online tutorials and courses

BD “Introduction to Flow Cytometry” This course is a prerequisite for FCCF New User Training
BD Webinars Archive of webinar recordings
Cytek Biosciences Webinars on spectral cytometry Webinars on spectral cytometry
Molecular Probes/Invitrogen Webinars Archive of webinar recordings
FlowJo video tutorials
FlowJo pdf tutorials and datasets
Basic and advanced tutorials and sample data sets

Flow cytometry e-books

“Flow Cytometry – a Basic Introduction” by Michael G Ormerod (free e-book)
“Practical Flow Cytometry” by Howard Shapiro (free e-book)
Current Protocols In Cytometry (BU login required)

Web tools, spectrum viewers and fluorchrome charts

BD Biosciences Spectrum Viewer FCCF’s favorite Spectrum Viewer for antibody-conjugated fluorochromes and common dyes and fluorescent proteins
Thermo Fisher Spectraviewer In addition to common conjugates, this viewer shows a great variety of dyes, proteins, pigments and probes
Cytek Full Spectrum Viewer Spectral panel design tools including Similarity and Complexity Index calculator
BD Relative Fluorochrome Brightness Lists most recent BD dyes including Brilliant Violet and Brilliant UV Sirigen fluorochromes
Fluorochrome chart Lists most common fluorochromes, their excitation and emission and optimal filters sorted by brightness intensity
Biolegend Instrument Guide/Fluorophore Selector A great tool for listing colors for particular instruments/configurations.

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