At the BUMC Flow Cytometry Core Facility, we are committed to help you achieve your scientific goals. Our primary objectives are productivity, efficiency, and innovation. We understand the need to produce data in a timely and cost effective manner. We cater to the needs of researchers from the critical initial stage of experimental planning to interpretation and presentation of the final data.

We offer assistance in the following areas: (1) initial project planning (2) panel design and optimization (3) sample preparation and staining (4) instrument operation (5) data analysis. We provide training for independent use of our instruments and also offer full fee-for-service options in which the panel design, panel optimization, sample staining, data acquisition and data analysis are performed exclusively by FCCF staff.

We welcome users from the BU and BUMC community, other academic institutions, and external commercial groups.

Initial questions? Email Anna Belkina, FCCF Director, or call the main office at (617) 358-7732. Also, please see the overview of our instruments and services and our instructions for new users.