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Dear Margot,

I can’t believe we have come to yet another end of a semester. To think of beginning my senior year in the fall is unbelievable to me, especially considering how strange this past year has been. Since freshman year, your class has been the highlight of my week, and was even more so throughout the last year. I can’t thank you enough for the commitment¬†you have put into our training since last spring. The pandemic has been so difficult on us physically and mentally, and ballet has been a beautiful form of therapy¬†throughout it all. Even though it is not the same as being in the studio, the love of community and dance still remained alive.

As usual, I have planned my class schedule to work around ballet, so I will see you in the studio in the fall. I can’t wait to leap across the floor!!!

Thank you again; I could not have continued my training or remained as cheerful without you! I will see you soon for more zoom ballet :)

All the best,

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