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Our yogi friend Dave is back with a few helpful modifications to some favorite poses if you are working on your flexibility in your practice. So grab some blocks, or perhaps a textbook or some towels, and try these at home!

1) Easy Seat: Place a block under your sit bones to make space for your hips to tilt forward then straighten your back.

2) Pigeon Pose: Place a block under your hip and come up onto your elbows.

3) Halfway Lift: Rest palms on blocks to focus on maintaining a flat back. The added height from the blocks will help in assisting your stretch.

4) Downward Dog: Bend your knees allowing you to focus on elongating and straightening your back.

5) Revolved Triangle Pose: Place hand on block to support you as you focus on elongating your back and gently twisting your spine.

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