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Your Plan for Managing BU Expenses

Your Long-Term Plan for Managing BU Expenses

Paying for your education and graduating with as little debt as possible requires careful planning. You can’t plan one semester at a time or one year at a time. You need to plan for the entire program, and we can help.

Use our planning calculator to work up an estimate of your academic year BU costs, resources, and net amount you and your family will need to provide.

How are you going to get enough money to pay all your BU expenses? What are the best ways to ensure that you make smart spending decisions along the way; decisions you won’t regret later? Making smart money decisions isn’t just about trying to spend less. It’s really about understanding and thinking carefully about the trade-offs. Spending more for certain things might be possible, if you offset them by spending less on other things.

A successful plan looks to maximize your resources and minimize your expenses. Here are some tools and tips to get you started.

Sometimes there’s no substitute for an in-person conversation about your particular circumstances, and we’re always happy to meet with you. Call us at 617-353-2965 or email to request a meeting with your assistant director!