Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students must make satisfactory academic progress, as specified below, to be eligible for renewal of need-based financial aid and credit-based loan certification.

Course repetitions will be factored into the overall Grade Point Average (GPA) by Boston University. A student can receive Federal Title IV aid and BU need-based aid for repeating a course if:

  • The previous grade received was insufficient (“W” or “F”) to meet degree requirements, or
  • The previous grade received was sufficient to meet degree requirements (repeating to attempt to earn a stronger grade, or other reason) and if they are otherwise enrolled in at least 12 other academic credits.

Merit award recipients must meet the merit award renewal criteria established for the particular scholarship(s) they are receiving.

Finally, federal financial aid regulations stipulate that the University must assume a student has unofficially withdrawn if they enroll, start attending classes, do not officially withdraw, and fail to earn passing grades in at least one course over an entire semester, unless the institution can document that the student engaged in some form of academic activity beyond the 60% point of that term in at least one course.
To retain full eligibility for federal financial aid (i.e. earn aid eligibility) a student must be engaged in academically related activity beyond 60% of the enrollment period. BU must return unearned federal financial aid funds to the source, which in most cases will result in a charge not covered by financial aid on the student’s account. This applies to any student who does not engage in an academically related activity beyond the 60% point of the semester in at least one course during that semester.