So Many Possibilities—Including BU

Brandon’s story


Brandon was a top student who liked virtually every subject. That made it tough to decide on a college major. While international relations appealed to his love of travel, he also found environmental policy an exciting career option. And with his aptitude for science, he felt he could make real contributions as a molecular biologist studying the human genome. One thing he knew for sure: BU’s College of Arts & Sciences was ideal for him—both for the academics and the ability to explore his interests for two years before declaring a major. However, he also knew that paying for BU would be a struggle for his family. He could only attend if he received financial aid. So he completed the Profile™ and FAFSA applications with his parents.

Brandon’s Application Data


Class Rank Grades Curriculum SAT
top 5% 4.0Average GPA Very CompetitiveVery Competitive 2100Composite


Aid Decision

With his excellent grades and his family’s financial situation, Brandon received a need-based scholarship that let him “find himself” at BU.