In an effort to ensure that the information reported on your FAFSA and used to calculate your federal and state financial aid eligibility is accurate, the U.S. Department of Education requires that BU Financial Assistance double check your FAFSA data against Internal Revenue Service (IRS) records and other documents before this money can be released.

Applicants Selected for Verification

Each year the Department of Education selects certain FAFSA applications for verification; some at random and others based on their analysis of prior FAFSA records. If your FAFSA is selected for verification the electronic Student Aid Report (SAR) sent to you after filing your FAFSA will state that you have been selected. BU Financial Assistance will also be notified.

Required Documentation

If you are selected for verification you must submit only those documents the Department of Education requires of you. Not all selected applicants are required to submit the same documents.

Entering students submit documents directly to BU Financial Assistance
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Enrolled students submit documents via the ProVerifier+ dashboard
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