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Why we need more Europe, after Paris, not less

Dear Friends and Colleagues, The Paris attacks shocked us. Yet, reacting as this was only an external threat is failing to see the real problem. Applying article 42.7TEU instead of 222TEU is doubtful; suspending Schengen is useless if there is no sharing of intelligence and data. Finally, not respecting the EU budget criteria because of […]

Interview with Daria and Dmytro

Daria is pursuing her Ph. D. in Cell and Molecular Biology here at BU, while Dmytro just finished his Doctorate in Computer Science this year. Daria and Dmytro are both from Kyiv, which, in their eyes, was the “best city in the world”. Parks and buildings juxtaposed against one another; old, European structures coexisted with […]

Daniela Caruso on EU Law in US Legal Academia

In this special issue of EU Law Live (Weekend Edition No. 53), CSE Director Daniela Caruso updates her earlier reflections on the state of EU law in US legal academia, offering her perception of a complicated landscape, which she sketches in hope of prompting other scholars of EU Law to report on their own US […]

CSE Visiting Researcher Dimitrios Skiadas Takes Part in e-Conference on Social Exclusion

Professor Dimitrios Skiadas, Jean Monnet Chair at the Dept. of International and European Studies – University of Macedonia and Visiting Researcher here at the Center for the Study of Europe, participated on March 5th & 6th, 2021, in the e-Conference “Social exclusion, vulnerable groups and the new EU Social Rights Pillar,” co-organized by the Jean […]

Giving Day 2021

Message from Director Daniela Caruso Dear Friends and Colleagues, As you probably know, Wednesday, April 7, 2021, is “Giving Day” at BU. I hope you join me in making a donation to the Center for the Study of Europe on this day. The Center for the Study of Europe at Boston University provides institutional support […]

CSE Visiting Researcher on Climate Migration

Dr. Nicholas Micinski, postdoctoral fellow at Université Laval and a Visiting Researcher here at the Center for the Study of Europe, has written an article for WBUR on “5 Steps Biden Can Take To Protect Climate Migrants.” There are few legal protections for individuals and communities threatened by climate change, but the Biden administration can […]

Happy New Year

A Message from the Director To all those who have been following the programs of the Center for the Study of Europe in 2020: Thank you for being with us through trying times. Nothing this year unfolded normally and we at the CSE, like many of our colleagues, had to reinvent ourselves as producers of […]

Event Highlights: Russian Media Influence in the US & Europe

On Friday, May 22, the Center for the Study of Europe at Boston University hosted an online workshop on “Russian Media Influence in the US and Europe. It has become an established narrative in International Relations that Russia under President Putin operates with a Grand Strategy to undermine Western hegemony, giving rise to the concern […]