Event Highlights: Reflections on Faith-Based Responses to Forced Migration

This virtual roundtable exploring faith-based responses to the challenges of migration was spearheaded by the dissertation work of David Sulewski, a PhD candidate in global governance & human security at UMass Boston. Sulewski’s research looks at how religious groups mobilize to overcome the resistance of dominant political power configurations of states in order to expand pathways to protection for refugees. His findings are drawn from his fieldwork in Italy and Belgium on humanitarian corridors in Europe.

The other other speakers were Shai Dromi, Lecturer on Sociology at Harvard University, Tanya B. Schwarz, Executive Director of Pi Sigma Alpha, Lauren Turek, Associate Professor of History & Director of Museum Studies at Trinity University in Texas, and Erin Wilson, Associate Professor of Global Politics and Religion at the University of Groningen.

The event, which took place on November 3, 2021, was organized by the Center for the Study of Europe in collaboration with the Center for Latin American Studies, the Pardee School Initiative on Forced Migration and Human Trafficking (FMHT), and the Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs (CURA).

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