The Robert Rosenthal Memorial Lecture series was founded by the Rosenthal family in honor of Bob Rosenthal, a prominent and beloved faculty member in the Economics Department for many years. The annual lecture usually takes place in late March or April and features a prominent economist chosen by the graduate students. The lecture also provides an opportunity for students to meet with the speaker, share their research ideas, and gain valuable insight. Past speakers have included Ariel Rubinstein (2008), Alvin Roth (2007), and Jean Tirole (2006).

To learn more about Bob Rosenthal’s life and work, please read Roy Radner and Debraj Ray’s tribute published in the Journal of Economic Theory in 2003.


“Misspecified Politics and the Recurrence of Populism”
Professor Gilat Levy
London School of Economics



“Platforms, Aggregators and Intermediaries”
Susan Athey
Stanford Graduate School of Business



“Beyond the Vickrey Auction: Practical Design for Large, High-Stakes Auctions”
Paul Milgrom
Shirley and Leonard Ely Professor of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University



“Size Matters: Small and Large groups in Conflict”
Debraj Ray
Julius Silver Professor of Economics, New York University



“Errors in Social Inference: Models and Implications”
Matthew Rabin
Pershing Square Professor of Behavioral Economics, Harvard University

Please contact Norma Hardeo ( / 617-353-4623) for more info.


“Internet Markets: Search, Pricing and Trust”
Jonathan Levin
Holbrook Working Professor of Price Theory, Stanford University



“Calibrated Uncertainty”
Faruk Gul
Professor of Economics, Princeton University


“Information Aggregation in Large Markets”
Asher Wolinsky
The Gordon Fulcher Professor of Economics at Northwestern University


“Sequential Equilibria of Multi-Stage Games with Infinite Sets of Types and Actions”
Philip J. Reny
The William C. Norby Professor in Economics and the College, University of Chicago


“Women’s Rights and Development”
Raquel Fernandez
New York University


“Elections and Strategic Voting: Condorcet and Borda”
Eric Maskin
Albert O. Hirschman Professor of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study, visiting lecturer with the rank of Professor at Princeton University


“Decision Making Under Uncertainty”
Douglas Gale
Professor of Economics, New York University


“Effecting Cooperation”
Andrew Postlewaite
Harry P. Kamen Professor of Economics and Professor of Finance, University of Pennsylvania


“On the Pragmatics of Persuasion: A Game Theoretic Approach”
Ariel Rubinstein
Tel Aviv and New York Universities


“What Have We Learned From Market Design”
Alvin E. Roth
George Gund Professor of Economics and Business Administration, Harvard University


“Economic Incentives, Self Motivation, and Social Pressure”
Jean Tirole
Institut d’Economie Industrielle, Toulouse, and MIT