The Distinguished Visitors Program gives PhD students an opportunity to attend mini-courses and seminars taught by distinguished economists in different fields, and meet with them personally to discuss their own research. Economists will visit the department for between 1 and 2 weeks; during this time they will teach a mini-course consisting of 2 to 4 lectures in a topic of their expertise, give 1 regular seminar, and hold office hours to meet with PhD students individually.

Allocation of Visitors

The number of visitors is allocated across fields in rough proportion to the dissertations written or being worked upon in those fields by PhD students. Each field has a nominated faculty representative, who will consult faculty and PhD students in their field and select a person to invite. The representative will also communicate with those invited and work out the dates of their visit, in consultation with Kelly Benkert (who will coordinate different visits to avoid conflicts). The visitors will generally occupy Room 417. PhD students are encouraged to make appointments to meet with them, as well as to attend their lectures and seminars; see instructions below under Booking Office Hours.

2020-21 Schedule of Visitors

Dates of Visit
Name Field
November 9-13
Greg Kaplan (University of Chicago) Macro
March 8-12
Allan Timmermann (UCSD) Econometrics
March 15-19 Kathryn Shaw (Stanford) Empirical Micro 1
March 22 – 26 Emi Nakamura (Berkeley) Macro
March 29 – April 2 Nancy Qian (Kellogg) Development
April 5-9 Sam Kortum (Yale) Trade
April 19-23 Andres Rodriguez-Clare (Berkeley) Macro
April 26-30 Leeat Yariv (Princeton) Theory


For a list of past Distinguished Visitors, please click here.

Booking Office Hours

To schedule office hours, please email Kelly Benkert at kbenkert@bu.edu with your first, second and third choice of available half-hour appointments. Please check the Distinguished Visitor Announcement email sent to your BU email address to confirm open appointment times. Every attempt will be made to give you your preferred time; however, please note that appointments are first-come, first-served. If you are unable to attend any of the scheduled office hours, please email Kelly at kbenkert@bu.edu and he can help connect you with the DV to make separate arrangements.