The Paul Streeten Distinguished Lecture in Global Development Policy celebrates the example and legacy of Professor Paul Streeten as an eminent economist and interdisciplinary scholar who has had a significant impact on global development policy through his work with the World Bank, the United Nations Development Program, and UNESCO. Streeten joined Boston University’s Department of Economics as a Professor in the mid-1970s where he also served as Director of the Economics Department’s Center for Asian Development Studies and then as Director of the World Development Institute. He published his best-known books during this time, such as Development Perspectives (Macmillan, 1981) and First Things First: Meeting Basic Human Needs in the Developing Countries (World Bank, Oxford University Press, 1981). His stature in the field of development helped attract numerous younger students and mid-career public officials from around the world to come to study at Boston University. The joint sponsorship of this lecture by Boston University’s Global Development Policy Center, the Institute for Economic Development, and the Department of Economics reflects the breadth of his engagement at Boston University, the rigor of his scientific research, and the inspiration he has given younger scholars to pursue interdisciplinary research on pressing development problems.