June 20

Women In STEM Panel

On July 9th at 5:30PM, Nia Bartolucci will be a speaker on a panel being hosted by the Girl Up chapter at the Canadian International School in Bangalore, India, entitled “Women in STEM”.  Girl Up is a UN affiliated group that works to educate, advocate, and fundraise for gender equality. With the other panelists we […]

Assistant Professor Cedric Fichot’s advisee Josh Harrington receives the NASA FINESST fellowship

Joshua Harrington, advisee of Assistant Professor Cedric Fichot recently received the NASA FINESST fellowship. Cedric Fichot will be the PI and Joshua Harrington the FI of “Quantifying the Fat of Dissolved Organic Carbons from Stable and Degrading Marshes in the Mississippi River Delta Using Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy and Export Modeling” Overview: Carbon export through coastal […]