PhD student Claudia Mazur speaks to Holyoke about sediment-water interface

PhD student Claudia Mazur was invited to give a talk as a part of the Fall 2018 Earth Adventure Series hosted by the Department of Environmental Studies, Geology, & Geography at Mount Holyoke College, Claudia’s alma mater. The purpose of Earth Adventures is to expose current students to scientific research in these three fields occurring both in and outside of Mouth Holyoke College. In “An Unlikely Pair: A Relationship Between The Sediment-Water Interface and Its Significance in Estuarine Biogeochemistry,” Claudia spoke about the fundamentals of coastal biogeochemistry and the significance of nitrogen cycling in estuarine sediments. She also shared her results from Long Island Sound Benthic Fluxes study and specifically discussed the nitrogen removal capacity and efficiency of Long Island Sound sediments. Claudia is advised by Associated Professor Wally Fulweiler.