What Do You Think About Life At BU?


BU always wants to know what you think about life along Comm Ave. You are always welcome to tweet us, call us, email us, or stop on by.

We also want to know your thoughts via the NSSE survey, a means of measuring student satisfaction. The University hasn’t done this survey since 2001. If you’re in the Olympic spirit like us (and we totally are), that is three Winter Olympics ago. That was before Salt Lake City.

If you are eligible to complete the NSSE survey (and you are if you are a freshman or a junior), you will receive a link to it in your BU email. Don’t just delete it, thinking it’s junk mail. If you complete the survey, you get $5 in BU Convenience Points. That doesn’t sound like much, but think about it this way: that’s two bulk candy visits to City Convenience. That’s an extra skinny vanilla latte. That’s a Pinkberry.

You can learn more about the NSSE survey and why the University is doing this on BU Today.

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