How To Use Adobe Lightroom

The information on this page is intended to help members of the Boston University community utilize their Adobe Creative Cloud license, specifically the Adobe Lightroom application. For instructional pages on other Adobe products, please visit our main How-To index.

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What is Adobe Lightroom?

Lightroom is Adobe's cloud-based service that has everything needed to create, edit, organize, store, and share photos across any device, allowing BU educators and students to get started on mobile, web, or desktop. With editing sliders and presets, photos can be easily edited to fit the tone and message of a presentation or course materials.

Get Started with Adobe Lightroom

If you need fast and powerful editing for your images but don't want to spend time learning expert-level tools, Adobe Lightroom is perfect for your editing needs. Adobe Tutorials provides videos of tips and tricks to get started refining images for classroom uses with Lightroom on any device you're using.

For additional videos and tutorials, visit Adobe Lightroom Learn & Support.

View other video tutorials via Boston University's MyMedia Adobe Channel.

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Trainings & Workshops

Learn more about Adobe Lightroom and view upcoming trainings and workshops: BU TechWeb Trainings.

Technology Support for Adobe Lightroom

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