Accelerate Academic Innovation

The Shipley Center for Digital Learning & Innovation is dedicated to accelerating Boston University’s technology-enabled educational transformation. Utilizing an end-to-end service approach, the Shipley Center elevates the use of technology, celebrates and supports experimentation through project funding and program development, and provides BU educators with cutting-edge consultative services to enhance the residential teaching and learning experience.

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The [Shipley Center project team] was indispensable in helping our team conceive, manage, and execute our project. They offered encouragement and inspiration, reminding and reassuring me of the project’s value and supporting its growth.
David Shawn, Tutoring Writing in the Disciplines Co-project Lead
From the conceptual to the implementation, the project team provides guidance and creative input along the way. They are valued members of the team as we all work together to launch this new innovative initiative.
Bronwyn Keefe, The Network for Professional Education, Project Lead
You get the support that you need to innovate and to experiment with technology.
James Wolff, Collaborate.Health Co-project Lead
I am so very grateful to have had the support of the [Shipley Center] project team as the project has unfolded in real life!
Eileen M. Daily, School of Theology Lifelong Learning Project Lead