EdTech Collective

Digital Learning & Innovation’s Educational Technology Collective creates a space for BU staff supporting educational technologies and tools to come together and share their knowledge and ideas. The Collective provides an opportunity for staff to discuss ways in which technology tools can benefit students’ learning, as well as hear about new technologies discussed by guest presenters.


  • Meet other educational technology evangelists. Meet faculty and staff who are users of educational technology in the classroom or as part of their job. Listen for innovative ways that educational technology may be used to make your vocation and/or students educational experience more fulfilling.
  • Learn. Listen to guest presenters introduce new and innovative technologies for use in / out of the classroom. See a demonstration of the software or product and its benefits, and have time to ask any relevant questions.
  • Discuss. The last portion of each meeting in used for ‘check-ins’, where each member can share what projects they are working on and other members have an opportunity to listen or make suggestions. It’s a great way to get feedback on an idea or problem!


The Educational Technology Collective meets bi-monthly via Zoom conferencing. The first portion of each meeting is given by a guest presenter and a new and exciting tool or software is discussed. The last portion of each meeting is a round-robin check in (if time allows).

Previous discussions include:

  1. Kahoot! Audience response systems and their relevance
  2. Google Assignments mobile tools
  3. Blackboard Ultra demonstration

Join the Collective!

To connect with the Educational Technology Collective, or to share topic discussion suggestions, email AskEdTech@bu.edu.

Community Coordinator

Damon Carlson, Educational Technologist

Digital Learning & Innovation