Learn More Series: Global Resistance, Global Backlash: The Shifting Landscape of Queer and Trans Rights in Asia and Latin America

Queer activists at the forefront of global resistance movements — targeted activist Dilya Gafurova, of Russia; pioneering attorney Juan Pablo Delgado, of Mexico; youth advocate Faith Sadicon, of Philippines; and trans Bangladeshi news anchor Tashnuva Anan Shishir – will come together for the virtual panel, “Global Resistance, Global Backlash: The Shifting Landscape of Queer and Trans Rights in Asia and […]

Learn More Series: At Every Stage of the System: The Criminalization and Over-Incarceration of LGBTQIA+ People

From juvenile detention to arrest rates to incarceration, the LGBTQIA+ population is overrepresented at every stage of the criminal justice system. This is especially true for queer and trans women of color, immigrants, and disabled people. Once imprisoned, LGBTQIA+ individuals are four to five times as likely as their straight counterparts to experience sexual violence […]

Learn More Series: What’s So Dangerous About a Picture Book? : Book Bans and Queer Resistance in Children’s and YA Literature

Ten years ago, children’s and YA literature with queer or trans themes accounted for less than 20% of banned or challenged books in the US. Today they make up more than 75%. Those bans include books about kids and families, but also about penguins and worms whose tales of challenging gender norms provide critical mirrors […]

Learn More Series: Queering Higher Ed, Queering Hollywood: A Keynote Luncheon with “A League of Their Own” Star lea robinson

From their leading role supporting queer college students to their leading role in the Amazon hit series A League of Their Own, lea robinson (they/them) has been at the forefront of disrupting gender binaries and pushing for visibility in spaces that historically have erased queer and trans people of color. A rising star who identifies […]

Learn More Series: “We’re Not Going Back”: Protecting and Advancing LGBTQIA+ Rights in 2022

Activists have described it as civil rights whiplash: Despite all of the progress in LGBTQIA+ rights, visibility, and acceptance in this new century, a wave of transphobia and homophobia is sweeping the nation. This year alone, more than 200 pieces of anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation have been introduced in 36 states, the majority targeting trans and nonbinary […]

Learn More Series: History of Treatment of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities with Dr. Michael Wehmeyer

For this Learn More Series keynote speaker event, Dr. Michael L. Wehmeyer joins us from The University of Kansas Department of Special Education to give a longitudinal view of the history of the treatment of people with intellectual disabilities. This event was originally hosted via Zoom on Tuesday, October 12, 2021. Dr. Wehmeyer was introduced by Oscar […]