Learn More Series: History of Treatment of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities with Dr. Michael Wehmeyer

For this Learn More Series keynote speaker event, Dr. Michael L. Wehmeyer joins us from The University of Kansas Department of Special Education to give a longitudinal view of the history of the treatment of people with intellectual disabilities. This event was originally hosted via Zoom on Tuesday, October 12, 2021. Dr. Wehmeyer was introduced by Oscar […]

The Boston Globe: “For Asian Americans, heart-to-heart talks about painful issues like racism can bridge the generation gap”

As Asian Americans reexamine their nebulous position in the country’s racial hierarchy, in which they are cast either as “model minorities” or “perpetual foreigners,” second-generation children such as Wang are breaking a long tradition of silence with their parents about subjects they never dared to broach before: race, racism, and identity.

BU D&I Seeks New Director of Programs

June 28, 2021 — Boston University Diversity & Inclusion (BU D&I) seeks to hire a new Director of Programs to join the team. The Director of Programs will assist BU D&I in aligning the University’s stated values regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion to its policies, practices, structures, climate, and culture. The Director will play an […]