Learn More Series: Queering Higher Ed, Queering Hollywood: A Keynote Luncheon with “A League of Their Own” Star lea robinson

From their leading role supporting queer college students to their leading role in the Amazon hit series A League of Their Own, lea robinson (they/them) has been at the forefront of disrupting gender binaries and pushing for visibility in spaces that historically have erased queer and trans people of color.

A rising star who identifies as a trans, queer, non-binary, butch, and multi-racial actor, lea (pronounced “lee”) burst on the Hollywood scene playing A League of Their Own’s Bertie Hart, a trans-Black man living in the 1940s. But long before lea’s rise in Hollywood, they were championing QTBIPOC stories and experiences. As a higher ed administrator in Diversity and LGBTQIA+ work, lea championed students with multiple marginalized identities. Focused on social justice and restorative practices, they played a leading role in supporting and affirming QTBIPOC students at Columbia University and UC Berkeley.

This event originally took place on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, and was co-sponsored by the LGBTQIA+ Center for Faculty & Staff.

This event is part of BU Diversity & Inclusion’s (BU D&I) Learn More Series, which explores a single topic of social importance through events, discussions, and programs throughout the year. This year, BU D&I is exploring LGBTQIA+ Identity and Experiences.