Learn More Series: Why We Need Disability Justice with Haben Girma

For this Learn More Series keynote speaker event, Haben Girma, human rights lawyer and the first Deafblind person to graduate from Harvard Law School, joins Director of BU Disability & Access Services Lorre Wolfe for a fireside chat and audience Q&A about disability, ableism, and disability justice. Haben breaks down her definition of “trauma porn,” shares her advice for folks looking to pursue a career in disability law, allyship, the power of community, and more.

The Learn More Series is BU Diversity & Inclusion’s (BU D&I) signature program. Each year, BU D&I dives into a single topic of social importance through events, discussions, and programs — this year, we are exploring disability and the impact of ableism.

Full audio transcript and chat files captured during the event are available upon request. Email odi@bu.edu.