Center for Clinical Research

Our Mission:

Promote collaboration between basic and clinical scientists to translate research findings from the bench to chairside and to foster critical thinking and lifelong learning.


The BUGSDM Center for Clinical Research (CCR) is a virtual center, facilitating clinical research activities within all BUGSDM patient treatment centers.  In addition to patient oriented research, the CCR provides support to investigators involved in epidemiologic and behavioral studies, as well as health outcomes and health services research.  We guide faculty and students through:

  • Effective study design
  • Development and execution of research protocols
  • Navigating the Institutional Review Board and submission process
  • Managing and interpreting data
  • Collaborating with industry sponsors


A full list of clinical research resources can be found on the BU Blackboard Learn site “Clinical Research Resources” at


Dr. Marianne Jurasic, Director

Kendrick Smaellie, Program Manager