The Department of Computer Science takes the academic integrity of all students seriously. In order to uphold the integrity of our programs and the university, we rely on students to behave appropriately and take responsibility for their mistakes. Please review the following pages to better understand the expectations of the department, college, and university, as well as the process of any academic misconduct matters.

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Examples in Computer Science

Violating the Academic Code of Conduct is a serious legal issue that may have big consequences (such as being suspended or expelled) and may follow you even after you finish college. Therefore, it is very important to know how to interpret the rules. As a general rule of thumb if in doubt about any situation, always ask your instructor how to proceed.

Here are some examples of situations that you may find yourself in at some point during your academic career and how you should handle them. Some of these are not allowed, many are allowed as long as you disclose it appropriately. Remember, it is always better to submit a partial homework assignment (and receive partial credit) than getting in to legal trouble.

1. Programming assignments

2. Problem sets

3. Course and research projects

4. Personal issues

We want to share some thoughts on the best practice when you cannot meet a deadline and finish an assignment on time for some reason. The worst thing you can do is panic and copy the solution from some resource that you aren’t allowed to use. Students get caught more often than not.

Case 1. You have planned out your time poorly, started your work late and are simply unable to finish your homework assignment by the deadline. – In this case the best thing you can do is to submit whatever partial solution you have and take the partial credit for it. If you do the math, one assignment will amount to maybe 2 − 5% of your final grade, it’s really not worth the risk.

Case 2. You get a terrible stomach bug on the day before a major deadline. You try to do your best, but are simply too sick to work. – Contact your instructor, they are human beings too and understand that there simply are some very unfortunate situations outside of your influence. You can work out some solution together. It may not be the best outcome you have hoped for but it is going to be fair given the situation. However, you have to be the active party reaching out to the professor and asking for accommodation. They cannot guess that something is going on. Also, you have to be very honest with yourself and the professor; were you really prohibited from meeting the deadline despite your best effort, or does your situation rather fall into Case 1?