Manipulating Data to Answer Urgent Questions

The ability to answer urgent, new questions using large data sets has become increasingly vital. In the years ahead, demand will continue to grow for computer scientists specifically trained in methods of extracting knowledge from ever-larger data sets. Experts are needed who can develop the required computing systems and software.

Our specialization in data-centric computing is designed to meet this need. The program incorporates intensive study across a spectrum of related areas including machine learning, databases, data mining, algorithms, and systems.

While not required, MS candidates may complete a master’s project or thesis. Projects are carried out with the approval of, and under the supervision of, a faculty member. A master’s project can be expanded into a master’s thesis, which requires two faculty readers.

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A Well-Rounded Degree

Our CS students have the opportunity to study data-centric computing not only with a computer science focus, but from a broad perspective as well. In particular, students are encouraged to enroll in courses from other data-centric programs at BU, including those at the Metropolitan College (MET), the Bioinformatics program in the College of Engineering, and the Questrom School of Business. These courses include a wide range of data implications from database management, to biological database systems, to advanced business analytics.