The Graduate Program in Bioinformatics

To incoming and current Bioinformatics Graduate Students: Please know that the well being of our students is our first priority during this challenging time. We are committed to ensuring your safety while fulfilling your academic program requirements. This applies to our current students as well as our incoming graduate students. Due to the growing impact of COVID-19, there may be concern around delayed visa appointments for our international students and delayed air travel for both our domestic and international students. Please be assured that we are currently working on alternative enrollment options for incoming students who are unable to make it to campus by the start of the program. You will be contacted via email with updates as they become available. Please be in touch if you have any questions or concerns.  




We are committed to increasing the representation of minorities in science.  We believe that all of our students benefit from being part of a community where they can learn about each other’s backgrounds, cultures, religious beliefs, physical and mental abilities, political views and career aspirations. As ours was one of the first Bioinformatics graduate programs, we feel a particular responsibility to support highly qualified individuals who are underrepresented in science.