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BU Team Awarded $1,000,000 NSF Grant to Analyze Public Communication

We are excited to announce that BU Researchers have been awarded $1,000,000 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for their proposal titled BIGDATA: IA: Multiplatform, Multilingual, and Multimodal Tools for Analyzing Public Communication in over 100 Languages. The interdisciplinary group is led by BU CS Professor Margrit Betke, and includes Derry Wijaya (BU CS Assistant Professor), […]

Stan Sclaroff Named Interim Dean of Arts & Sciences

From BU Today – Stan Sclaroff, a College of Arts & Sciences professor of computer science, has been appointed dean ad interim of Arts & Sciences for the current academic year. A leading scholar in computer vision, pattern recognition, and machine learning, he replaces Ann Cudd, who stepped down as dean July 31 to become provost of the University of […]

Professor Emily Whiting awarded new NSF award

On Friday, July 27th, NSF awarded Professor Emily Whiting a new grant. This new NSF grant will support new research on “Computational Joinery,” collaborative with Robotics Professors at Dartmouth College and SUNY at Albany. The project will develop theory, techniques, and mechanical designs needed for robots to rapidly build large, rigid structures from blocks that […]

Professor Whiting Awarded Innovation Career Development Professorship

Congratulations to Professor Emily Whiting for being awarded an Innovation Career Development Professorship! This competitive, University-wide award reflects the outstanding and innovative work that Emily is conducting with the Department of Computer Science. See this link for more information from the Office of the Provost on Career Development Professorships. Congrats, Professor Whiting!

Tom Cheng and Ying Ye Win Best Student Paper at RTAS/CPS Week 2017

CS PhD students Zhuoqun Tom Cheng and Ying Ye along with their advisor, Professor Rich West, have received the Best Student Paper Award at the Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Application Symposium (RTAS)/Cyber-Physical System Week 2017 for their paper “Building Real-Time Embedded Applications on QduinoMC: A Web-connected 3D Printer Case Study.” Congratulations to Tom, Ying, […]

Professor Leo Reyzin Wins Best Paper Award at Eurocrypt 2017

Leo Reyzin, together with collaborators at IST Austria and UC Santa Barbara, received a Best Paper Award from the Eurocrypt 2017 conference for his work “Scrypt is Maximally Memory-Hard.” (  The paper solves a problem that has been open since 2009: does there exist a function with maximal memory hardness? A function is memory-hard if […]