James Uden receives Gitner Award for Distinguished Teaching

AsScreen-Shot-2014-08-22-at-2.53.26-PM-596x636-1sociate Professor James Uden recently received the Gitner Award for Distinguished Teaching, presented by Dean Ann Cudd of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Professor Uden has brought infectious passion and invigorating course design to the Classical Studies department, widening the department’s reach and growing student interest. His emphasis on relating the lived experiences of ancient lives to those of his students has increased enrollment in CL 102: Intro. to Roman Civilization by upwards of 50%. Prof. Uden has brought similar creativity to CL 328: The History of Medicine in Ancient Greece and Roman, positioning the course uniquely at the intersection of classical pathology, psychology, and ethics.

From CAS: “James Uden, CAS, Classical Studies,¬†specializes in Latin poetry and prose of the Empire and Late Antiquity, the literary culture of Imperial Greece, and the transformation of Greek and Roman ideas in later periods. He authored his debut book,¬†The Invisible Satirist: Juvenal and Second-Century Rome, in 2015 and has quickly earned recognition as one of the most productive scholars in his class. A former Peter Paul Career Development Professor at BU, he now serves as his department’s Director of Graduate Admissions and has published widely in prestigious journals on subjects ranging from Republican to late antique writers in poetry and prose.”

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