Each year, the College of Arts & Sciences honors some of our best educators with a range of teaching awards. These prizes are awarded annually to members of the CAS faculty who exemplify deep and broad commitment, skill, effectiveness, impact, and leadership in teaching. Nominations should be sent electronically to the CAS Undergraduate Academic Program Office (casuap@bu.edu) by Friday, March 6, 2020.

The six awards are:

  • Gitner Award for Distinguished Teaching
  • Neu Family Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Frank and Lynne Wisneski Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • College of Arts & Sciences Award for Distinction in First Year Undergraduate Education
  • Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Education
  • Dean’s Award for Excellence in Part-Time Teaching

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Although successful classroom performance and teaching figure as important criteria of excellence, the awards are meant to recognize and reward teaching in its broadest senses and in all of its aspects. Thus, faculty may be considered for these awards not just for their excellence with respect to regularly scheduled courses, but through the full range of pedagogical and curricular activities in which our faculty are engaged, including directed studies of any sort, collaborative scholarship with students, teaching and learning activities connected with advising student organizations and other co-curricular activities, curriculum development, pedagogical innovation, mentoring of teaching fellows or other instructors, and so on.

Recipients of these awards will be recognized at a CAS Faculty Meeting and profiled in university publications and will receive a framed citation and monetary award. A number of past winners have gone on to win all-BU Metcalf awards and teaching prizes conferred by their regional and national professional organizations.


College of Arts & Sciences professorial faculty and full-time lecturers at all ranks are eligible for Gitner, Neu Family, Frank and Lynne Wisneski, CAS Award for Distinction in First Year Undergraduate Education, and Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Eduction awards, regardless of their department or field. Nominees must have already completed at least three years of full-time teaching in the College.

College of Arts & Sciences part-time lecturers (including staff who teach on a part-time basis, but excluding graduate students and full-time faculty who take on additional overbase assignments) are eligible for the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Part-Time Teaching. Nominees must have taught in the College of Arts & Sciences during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Nomination and Selection Process:

Anyone holding a full-time or part-time faculty appointment in the College of Arts & Sciences during the 2019-2020 academic year may submit nominations for any of these awards. Nominators may nominate colleagues from any department or program (not just their own). Self-nominations will not be accepted for these awards. Co-sponsored nominations are welcome.

Nominations for a College Prize for Excellence in Teaching should not specify a particular named award (e.g. Gitner, Neu, or Wisneski). An individual may nominate up to one candidate for each category of award: Excellence in Teaching (full-time), Distinction in First Year Undergraduate Education, Excellence in Graduate Education, and Excellence in Part-Time Teaching. A separate letter should be submitted for each nominee. Each nomination should include a letter explaining in detail how the nominee exemplifies excellence in teaching, according to the selection criteria below.

A committee of CAS faculty who have been recognized for their own excellence in teaching will review nominations and advise me on the selection of this year’s awardees.

For more information, feel free to contact the Undergraduate Academic Program Office at casuap@bu.edu.

Templeton Award for Excellence in Student Advising (3 awards)

These awards for excellence in advising are recognized at the April CAS faculty meeting. These are the result of student nominations through the Office of Student Academic Life.

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Other BU and CAS Awards