Faculty and Lecturer Profiles

Full-time Faculty

Yesim Sungu-Eryilmaz

Yesim Sungu-Eryilmaz, PhD

Assistant Professor
Program Director

Expertise: Urban Planning; Public Policy; Sustainable Cities; Mixed Methods Research; GIS

Luis Santiago, PhD

Luis Santiago, PhD

Associate Professor of the Practice

Expertise: Green Infrastructure, Coastal Resilience. Community-Based Sustainable Development

Affiliate Faculty

Loretta Lees, PhD, FAcSS, MAE, FHEA, FRSA

Director, Boston University Initiative on Cities

Expertise: Gentrification, Urban Regeneration, Global Urbanism, Urban Policy, Urban Public Space, Architecture and Urban Social Theory


Adjunct Faculty

Philip Barash, MA

Philip Barash, MA

Expertise: Urban change and placemaking with experience in writing, visioning, facilitation, program development, strategic partnerships, and institutional philanthropy

John Bolduc, MA

Expertise: Climate Change Planning, Building Energy, Vulnerability Assessment, Resilience, Sustainability

Karin Brandt, MCP

Karin Brandt, MCP

Expertise: Urban Planning, Economic Development, Community Engagement

Walter F. Carroll, PhD

Expertise: Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity; Urban Political Economy; Guns and Urban Violence; Social Network Analysis; Japanese Cities; Urban Problems and Policy

Photo of Adam Chapdelaine

Adam Chapdelaine, MBA

Expertise: Public Finance, Urban Infrastructure, Sustainability Leadership

Brian Creamer, MCP, LEED GA

Brian Creamer, MCP, AICP, SITES AP

Expertise: Urban Design, Low Impact Development, Sustainable Development, Urban Planning

Ozlem Edizel-Tasci, PhD

Expertise: Sustainable development, climate change policy, water management, urban sustainability (water, waste), community engaged research, cultural mapping, P-GIS, cultural heritage, urban regeneration, urban governance, mega-events

Kurt Gaertner, MS

Kurt Gaertner, MS, AICP

Expertise: Sustainable Development, Urban Planning, Energy and Natural Resource Conservation

Andrew Grace, MCP

Andrew Grace, MCP

Expertise: Urban Design, Real Estate, Planning, Economic Development in both the public and private sector

Jonathan Greeley, MA, AICP

Expertise: Planning, Community Economic Development, Public Engagement

Joshua Hassol, PhD

Expertise: Transportation and Environmental Planning

Doug Johnson, MCP, AICP

Expertise: Transportation Planning (transit and active transportation), Community Engagement

Katie King, MPH, MPA

Katie King, MPH, MPA

Expertise: Public Administration, Health Policy and Management

Haegi Kwon, PhD

Haegi Kwon, PhD

Expertise: Urban affairs, economic and community development, immigration and race in the US, Asian American politics, nonprofit advocacy

Kwabena Kyei-Aboagye, JD

Kwabena Kyei-Aboagye, MCP, JD

Expertise: Environmental Law and Urban Environmental Issues; Environmental Justice; Environmental Issues in Ghana

James C. O’Connell, JD

James C. O’Connell, PhD, FAICP

Expertise: Urban History; Metropolitan Boston Planning and Development; Urban and Regional Planning; Heritage Planning

Terrance J. Regan, MPA

Terrance J. Regan, MPA

Expertise: Transportation Policy; Finance; Intelligent Transportation Systems

Matthew Resseger, PhD

Matthew Resseger, PhD

Expertise: Urban Economics; Labor Economics; Urban Inequality

Sarah Stanton, MPA

Expertise: Public Finance, Public Administration

Felix I. Zemel, MCP, MPH, DrPH, DAAS, FLPHI-MA

Expertise: Building Codes, Built Environment, Affordable Housing, Public & Environmental Health, Innovative Public Policy