City Planning & Urban Affairs at BU

Welcome to our First Annual City Planning and Urban Affairs Magazine! We invite you to take a look and learn about the amazing things CPUA has done in the past year.

Annual #BUCPUA Magazine 2019

Boston University Metropolitan College (MET) programs in city planning and urban affairs are designed to prepare you for the myriad political, social, and technical challenges that arise in urban planning and policymaking. Testimonials from our accomplished alumni speak to the exceptional quality of the programs that we offer:

Learn from an expert faculty with expertise in areas such as sustainable development, climate change, transportation, land reclamation, city finance, regional economics, and urban design, and benefit from a curriculum that embraces sustainability, creativity, pragmatism, and diversity of thought. You’ll find highly innovative courses and a flexible schedule—whether you study part-time or full-time. Graduates of Metropolitan College’s MCP and MUA programs are trained to be critical, open-minded thinkers and creative, pragmatic problem solvers with access to a network of area and regional employers, policymakers, and analysts.