The Master of City Planning (MCP) and Master of Urban Affairs (MUA) at Boston University’s Metropolitan College offer a breadth of courses that individually and collectively challenge students to regard cities—as well as their own roles as planners, policymakers, and social advocates—in a critical and thoughtful light. Students in our programs consider the political, social, and technical implications of each facet of planning and policy making, and thus grapple with the fact that there are few, if any, simple solutions or approaches to urban issues.

The MUA and MCP programs offer students a unique chance to learn from respected professors, experienced practitioners, as well as from the diverse backgrounds and knowledge of their classmates.

We match the breadth and substance of our courses with a program that is unparalleled in its flexibility. As a Metropolitan College student, you can pursue your MCP or MUA on a full- or part-time basis by taking anywhere from one to four courses per semester. Because our classes are held during convenient evening hours, it is possible for you to engage in a fulfilling and challenging learning experience without disrupting your schedule and professional or personal commitments.

Our commitment to accessibility removes many of the barriers to graduate education that might discourage people from considering—much less completing—a solid and recognized graduate education in planning and urban affairs. As a result, at Boston University’s Metropolitan College you’ll find a student body that is truly diverse. It is this diversity that makes teaching and learning at Boston University’s Metropolitan College so exciting. From the perspective of our faculty, the wide range of student experiences challenges each professor to prepare course material that engages a broad spectrum of interests and backgrounds—thus creating a fertile ground for students to develop and apply their own thoughts about the field of city planning, and consider ideas for future research and courses.

When you complete Metropolitan College’s City Planning or Urban Affairs program, you’ll be prepared to enter your chosen field with the resources to critically analyze and creatively address urban and planning issues. The analytical and practical skills you gain through internship opportunities and exposure to faculty and visiting lecturers of diverse professional backgrounds are complemented by useful connections to planners, policy makers, and community activists from Greater Boston and beyond. Just as importantly, the perspectives and experience you’ll discover in our socially diverse classrooms will prepare you thoroughly for the work environment that faces most planners, policy analysts, and community advocates.