CPUA Co-Sponsoring Event with BU’s Initiative on Cities

Join the Boston University Initiative on Cities as they host Rodrigo Lopes de Barros, BU Assistant Professor of Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American Studies, who will discuss his new book Distortion and Subversion: Punk Rock Music and the Protests for Free Public Transportation in Brazil (1996-2011).

The book details how the Brazilian punk and hardcore music scene joined forces with political militants to foster a new social movement that demanded the universal right to free public transportation. These groups collaborated in numerous venues and media: music shows, protests, festivals, conferences, radio stations, posters, albums, slogans, and digital and printed publications. Throughout this time, the single demand for free public transportation reconceptualized notions of urban space in Brazil and led masses of people across the country to protest.

Co-sponsored by the BU Department of Romance Studies, Department of Political Science, City Planning & Urban Affairs Program, Center for Latin American Studies, Center for the Humanities, and Center for Innovation in Social Science.


2022 City Planning and Urban Affairs Graduates

Congratulations to our 2022 graduates! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished!

January 2022

James C. Davis, MUA

Albert Englehart, MUA

Jason Nelson, MCP

Zhe Sun, MCP

Shenghui Zhong, MCP


May 2022

Josefa Arriagada Saieh, MCP

Stacy Carter, MUA

Emmalin Coates, MUA

Julia Garvey, MUA

Matthew Giordano, MCP

Pablo Jiminez, MUA

Emily Johnston, MCP

Najee Nunnally, MCP

Nicole Sancilio, MUA

Erin Stevens, MCP

Holly Winkelhake, MUA

Michelle Yee, MUA


August 2022

Luz Arregoces, MCP

Gineth Pineda, MCP

Jingyi Shi, MCP

Michael Sinclair, MCP

Ashiyana Swar, MUA


2022 MET College/CPUA Excellence in Graduate Studies Awards

Master of Urban Affairs- Nicole Sancilio

In the Master of Urban Affairs program, Nicole discovered a passion for disability justice and building universal design principles into urban planning, as well as an affinity for public art. She has also tied her current work in education to her studies of planning, realizing the value of youth representation in the planning process. In addition, her work on the voluntary student-led Urban Planning Association’s board demonstrates her commitment to this field and the communities of people she works within.

After graduating, Nicole hopes to work for a community development agency and advocate for youth and disability inclusion.


Master of City Planning- Josefa Arriagada Saieh

Josefa’s academic performance has showcased her interest in problem-solving within the urban design field with the goal of improving the lives of people. Examples she has focused on are better travel times and increased efficiency in day-to-day tasks. She was a Teaching Assistant in the UA654 course (GIS and Spatial Analysis course) during the Spring 2022 semester.

Josefa has also served on the student-led Urban Planning Association’s board and has been an integral part of that organization’s work. Eventually, Josefa would like to pursue getting a Ph.D. so that she can teach future students in the city planning field.


Spring 2022 Capstone Class (UA 805)

Capstone Course Project Video

15 minute neighborhood pilot plan


Congratulations, CPUA Class of 2021

Congratulations to our City Planning and Urban Affairs Class of 2021! We are so proud of your accomplishments, and we wish the very best in your next chapter! Spring and Summer 2021 Graduates: Arya Alizadeh, MCP, Andree Entezari, MCP, Shengxiang Jin, MCP, Jiawei Li, MCP, Julia Mintz, MCP, Aneri Patel, MCP, More

Downtown After COVID: IOC/CPUA Panel Explores Key Questions in Urban Pandemic Recovery

As the weather warms and the city of Boston emerges from a long winter defined by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, one question looms in everyone’s minds: what will our cities look and feel like in the months ahead? The April 7th panel “Downtown After COVID: Will Urban Centers be the Same?”, More

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From Networking to Interviews: BUCPUA Students Learn Tips for “Ensuring Success in Your Job Search”

Finding and securing a job in today’s turbulent environment is no small feat, and candidates face myriad challenges when taking the next steps in their professional lives. On Friday, April 2nd, BUCPUA hosted a virtual workshop entitled “Ensuring Success in Your Job Search” to ease some of the anxiety inherent... More

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Lessons from the Past and Looking to the Future: BUCPUA Celebrates Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and amidst the hustle and bustle of the semester BUCPUA recognizes the unique role that women have played in urban planning throughout the years. Women are historically underrepresented as leaders in the profession, but change is happening both at BU and across the world to... More

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BUCPUA professor Emily Keys Innes presents this fall’s #BUcity keynote lecture, “The Early Days: Next Steps”

On Oct. 28, Emily Keys Innes, director of planning at Harriman and CPUA adjunct professor, presented her keynote lecture, “The Early Days: Next Steps” to a group of eager students, faculty, and CPUA community members. The lecture began with a literary introduction, an epigram by Alasdair Gray––borrowed from Dennis Lee’s 1972... More

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#BUcity Co-Lab participants learn about visual communication, portfolio design, and personal branding from BUCPUA’s very own David Valecillos

David Valecillos is a graduate of the BUCPUA Master in City Planning who now works with the North Shore Community Development Corporation as the director of design. Valecillos is also a founder and director for the Punto Urban Art Museum, an open air museum in the El Punto neighborhood of... More

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BUCPUA kicks off #BUcity Co-Lab Week with panel discussion on tools for inclusive and accessible city planning

  The City Planning and Urban Affairs Program kicked off its #BUcity Co-Lab Week–– a series of events, panel discussions, and workshops running from October 26th through October 30th –– Monday night with a panel discussion event co-sponsored by BU Sustainability, and moderated by Sustainability’s own Erica Mattison, assistant director of... More

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