Nimi Wariboko

Nimi Portrait for Vital TheologyNimi Wariboko brings socio-ethical, political, and philosophical-theological perspectives to the study of World Christianity. His work especially focuses on the social teaching, ways of knowing, and practices of engaging with social justice, poverty, and economic development of missionary-originated Churches, African Initiated Churches, and Pentecostal-Charismatic movements in Africa. Nimi’s scholarship also explores how African traditional religions, epistemologies, managerial styles, and social traditions permeate and shape practices, theologies, and ethics of African Christians in the continent and diaspora. At Boston University School of Theology he is the Walter G. Muelder Professor of social ethics. Below are some of his books on Africa:

  • The Mind of African Strategists: A Study of Kalabari Management Practices (1997)
  • Pattern of Institutions in the Niger Delta: An Economic and Ethological Interpretation of History and Culture (2007)
  • The Depth and Destiny of Work: An African Theological Interpretation (2008)
  • Ethics and Time: Ethos of Temporal Orientation in Politics and Religion in the Niger Delta (2010)
  • Nigerian Pentecostalism (2014)