The Center for Global Christianity and Mission’s focus on the study of Africa predates the region’s advent in 2018 as the continent with the largest number of Christians. As Africa takes on a more influential role in global Christianity, CGCM faculty research and digital projects underscore the importance of African Christianity in a rapidly evolving global landscape. Working within a university that specializes in African Studies, researchers share interests in such Africa-related topics as mission history, biography and narrative, women, ecology, and the relationship between economics and spirituality. Additional areas of research include history from the medieval period in Central Africa, the Atlantic slave trade to twenty-first century, independent and Pentecostal-charismatic movements, immigration, social ethics, environmentalism, and women’s history. Faculty and students contribute to ongoing work on digital projects in African Christian biography and mission photography. The CGCM also fosters collaboration with the African Studies Center and the African Studies Library. Currently, the work of Professor Nimi Wariboko on African Pentecostalism is a central focus in the CGCM.

Digital Projects

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