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Notice of Servicing Transfer for Boston University/Wheelock and Federal Perkins Loan Borrowers

Current Boston University Borrowers, the servicing of your student loan(s) is being transferred from your current billing servicer to Heartland ECSI. This means that going forward, Heartland ECSI will be sending your statements and collecting your student loan payments. There will be no changes in the terms and/or conditions of your student loan(s).

Current Wheelock Borrowers will continue to utilize your UNISA account to access your loan information, make payments, and receive billing.  Your loans will be converted to our new billing service agent, ECSI/Heartland at the end of August. From this point on, please contact the Boston University Student Loan Department with all questions regarding your loans at (617) 353-2340.

Please review the following documents to address your questions:

Heartland ECSI Borrower Transfer Notice

Frequently Asked Questions – Loan Servicing Transfer

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