Training to be a Humanitarian

This research project identifies best practices in the training and support of humanitarian workers. What skills are needed to engage ethically and successfully with displaced people around the world, and how are these skills best studied and developed? What does successful leadership look like in NGOs and aid organizations? We examine how institutions currently train and support their employees, interns, and volunteers working in humanitarian settings. We study training materials and educational programs and identify gaps between the training and the skills needed. Ultimately will develop and share curricula that will help aid workers and others who care for displaced people be successful, safe, and healthy as they engage in their crucial work. 

News and Publications: 

CFD Interview With Anne Merewood and Farzana Hakimi from CHEER in Greece



An Interview With CFD Advisory Board Member Margareta Matache




  • Peer-review article:  Yara Najem, Imad H. Elhajj, Zaher Dawy, Aline Germani, Hala Ghattas, Muhammad Zaman, and Youseph Yazdi. “Humanitarian Engineering Design for Health Challenges: An Inter-faculty Service Based Learning Model.”International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship 14, no. 2 (2019): 16-32.