Climate-Migration Nexus: A Systematic Review

Over the past year our team worked with an NGO practitioner from Pakistan on understanding better the impact of the 2022 floods on people’s (im)mobility. As we learned more and analyzed different policies implemented to assist flood affected populations we noticed that there is a significant discrepancy between academic research findings and recommendations and policy. For this reason, rather than focusing on one case study we are conducting a systematic review of academic literature on climate-migration nexus to better understand what research tells us about the connections between climate and migration. We will finalize our paper based on the review in early 2024.

News and Publications: 

Professor Zaman’s Lecture on the Global Refugee Crisis: What can scientist and engineers do to ease the suffering and protect the vulnerable?



CFD Director of Programs, Marina Lazetic Receives The Dwight D. Eisenhower/Clifford Roberts Graduate Fellowship



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