Healthy Lives and Meaningful Livelihoods

Whether the communities are driven out because of conflict, persecution, or climate change, or are rendered stateless due to xenophobia and hostility, access to reliable, affordable, and quality healthcare remains a foremost concern among the forcibly displaced. Healthy lives, however, cannot be measured simply from the lens of hospitals, health centers, drugs, or diseases. Environment, access to meaningful and dignified employment, and legal and social frameworks are just as critical in creating a healthy individual as access to a new diagnostic or a vaccine. CFD’s focus in this area aims to bring together scholars and practitioners from diverse disciplines in science, engineering, public health, law, humanities, and social sciences to analyze the current barriers faced by the forcibly displaced in accessing quality healthcare, and in identifying and developing ethical technological, social and policy approach in creating meaningful changes in their lives. 

Some of our current projects in this research area are listed below.

Migration and the Microbiome Medical Supply Chains in a Refugee Camp