Funding Opportunities

The Center on Forced Displacement (CFD) serves as a platform for educators, students, researchers, activists, and policymakers to engage in interdisciplinary research, discussion, and education about forced displacement. Through interdisciplinary, international collaboration, we identify, research, and work to resolve challenges of forced displacement, one of the major moral imperatives of our time. By connecting with local communities in Boston and the USA, as well as our partners in Uganda, Colombia, Lebanon, Western Balkans and elsewhere, CFD learns directly from and with the communities grappling with the challenges of forced displacement and creates venues for new ways of thinking, research, and program and project design. 

We are dedicated to supporting research and activities that contribute to interdisciplinary engagement with the issues of forced displacement.

At the moment, CFD has two funding opportunities available and open for applications:

Summer Fellowships Graduate Research and Travel Grants

Questions regarding these opportunities may be directed to Marina Lazetic, CFD Director of Programs, at